Real Application Cluster, a rapid process to control your bulks of data

In the present scenario many large scale and small scale organizations are working and are completely dependent on the computer systems. The work groups of people working in these organizations tend to share their ideas, views as well as data availed to them in some or the other cases which can lead to betterment of the work. To fulfil such requirements clustering in computers can be done which help them work on similar databases and share the data as well. The modernisation has led to many technological advancements and computer cluster is a result of technological rise.

When multiple computer systems are bounded together they form a cluster. In clusters the multiple number on computers or servers interconnected to each other act as a single server to the end users as well as the applications. The Oracle Real Application Cluster (Oracle RAC) is one such cluster which is formed from clustering of Oracle databases. The infrastructure used by them is the Oracle Clusterware which let the different Oracle databases act and operate as a single system. The Oracle RAC was introduced in 2001 by the Oracle Corporation. The Oracle Clusterware is an essential component that is required for using Oracle RAC. To use the Oracle high availability infrastructure the Oracle clusterware enables the functioning of

1) Single instance Oracle databases

2) Oracle RAC databases

There is a one to one relationship between Oracle database and the instance in the single instance Oracle databases. Oracle RAC on the other hand can have up to hundred instances in which all of them share the same single database. Oracle RAC databases differ architecturally from the single instance Oracle databases as the Oracle RAC databases possess these two features:

  • An instance-specific undo table space
  • At least one additional thread of redo for each instance

Oracle clusterware also help in creating a clustered pool of data storage which can be used by any combination of single instance and Oracle RAC databases. These are the only clusterwares that we will most frequently use on large number of platforms on which the Oracle RAC operates.

Oracle RAC with the access of single database i.e. by providing clustering allows Oracle RDBMS software to run simultaneously on multiple numbers of computers. In an Oracle RAC environment a single database is concurrently accessed by two or more computers, each computer needs to possess an Oracle RDBMS instance. This helps the user to easily access to single set of co-ordinated data as well as it lets the user switch to either computer. Its main objective along with implementation of a clustered database is to provide

  • Better Performance
  • Improved Scalability
  • Data Flexibility
  • Higher Throughput
  • High Availability Framework
  • Connection Load Balancing
  • Event Monitoring
  • Communication Infrastructure

The Oracle RAC environment is traditionally located at data centre that is so because it makes handling and the management of all databases easier. Oracle RAC environment administration is done at three levels:

  • Instance Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Cluster Administration
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